Leona Aiken

Leona AikenLeona Aiken is President's Professor Emerita at Arizona State University, where her research, teaching and mentorship were recognized by many awards, including ASU Outstanding Graduate Mentor, ASU Professor of the Year, and ASU President's Professor. Her work spans both quantitative methods and health psychology, with substantive work in both the modelling of and interventions to improve women's health protective behavior across the lifetime, including mammography screening, condom use, osteoporosis, sun protection, and adoption of hormone replacement therapy. She is co-author of two seminal books on applied multiple regression, "Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences" and "Multiple Regression: Testing and Interpreting Interactions"


"Leona Aiken stands head and shoulders above any other mentor, teacher, or colleague I have met before or since. She is my professional idol, and every interaction I ever have had or ever will have with a student is undertaken with the hope that I can be even half the teacher, advisor, and mentor that she is. I have gained so much from my relationship with her, both personally and professionally, and I just cannot say enough about how special she is to me, and to all of the students whose lives she has touched (and who I also know are donating in her honor!!). She has given so much of herself to her students and to making us each successful in our careers." – Angela Bryan

"I will be forever grateful to Leona Aiken for devoting so much time, energy, and commitment to my graduate training. She was an amazingresearch mentor. I would not be where I am today without her unwavering support and guidance."
Mary Gerend

"Nearly two decades ago, I received a phone call that would change the direction of my life. Leona Aiken offered me the opportunity to work with her in the social psychology PhD program at Arizona State University. In working with her, I was challenged to grow in ways that I had never been challenged academically. I learned what it means to carry out research and teaching at the highest quality. And I developed a passion for quantitative methods that I had not known before. Leona's training in research, teaching, and mentoring enabled me to develop a fulfilling career. I am honored to contribute to this award in her name to celebrate her mentorship."Krista Ranby

"Leona Aiken was my graduate advisor and has been an amazing source of support throughout my career. She is someone that I can always count on for advice about, not only academic, but also life matters." – Allecia Reid