Will Dunlop

Will Dunlop"Will Dunlop was always generous with his time, intellect, and humor. He enthusiastically took on any student who wanted to work with him, and thoughtfully guided them through generating ideas and conducting research. He was always up for a chat, a beer, or a silly yet intellectual challenge (what other academic placed bets on fitting "two ships passing in the night" into scholarly publications?!)

He is gone too soon, but we hope his legacy of supporting students lives on in this travel award." - Will's friends

Will Dunlop was a Associate Professor of Social/Psychology at the University of California, Riverside. He earned his PhD from University of British Columbia, and directed the Personality and Identity Lab, where he and his students examined the ways in which individuals make sense of themselves and their lives. He served as an Associate Editor at the Journal of Research in Personality, and held an appointment at Aarhus University (Denmark).

He was known for being an excellent scientist, mentor, colleague, and friend to many.